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Gay Rental Guide gives you an in-depth look into the top gay porn DVD rental sites on the web. Find the best selection and deals from a comprehensive list of companies that are dedicated to serving gay porn lovers in the US. Compare these rental companies based on our ratings, price, number of titles, and shipping charges. Check back as we continue to add new gay DVD rental companies to the list.

How Gay DVD Rental Works

Online adult DVD rental services are a way to rent porn movies through the mail. Rather than going to your neighborhood adult video store, they’ve moved the service online and allow you to order videos from the comfort of your own home. This has saved many of us from those embarrassing looks we get walking into our local porn shop, as well as give us a selection that a local shop simply can’t match.

The process is pretty simple and most companies run the same way. You’ll be asked to sign up and pick a package that suits you. They can range from having 1 porn movie to up 12 movies out at one time. Prices can start at under $10 and move on up to the $50 a month range. It is important to pick a plan that you feel comfortable with and we always suggest taking advantage of the free trial periods many of these adult DVD rental companies will provide.

Once you’ve selected how many videos you want out at one time, it’s now time to make your selections. Most services will breakdown their DVDs by genre, porn star, director or even the studio. Once you find one that peaks your interest, click it and you’ll get a small breakdown of the movie. Many of the more well known sites now have user reviews on these pages so you can get a feel for what other renters thought about the movie. If the movie is in stock, you can add it to your selection list and move on. Sometimes you’ll find that a movie is out of stock, in which case you’ll have the option to backorder it or add it to a queue for a later date. With renters such as yourself constantly sending and receiving movies, it usually doesn’t take long to get your hands on the copy.

After you’ve finished selecting the movies, you’ll process that order and the gay DVD rental company will ship them out to you. To speed up the process on future orders, you’ll want to add other movies to a queue so that when you are ready to receive more, you won’t have to go through the same process. Many of the companies will also allow you to add movies that haven’t been released yet so that you will be first in line when it comes out.

Within a couple days you should have your DVDs arrive at your door. Most of the companies will send these in a discreet package, although we do recommend you make sure that the shipping is discreet if this is important to you. You’ll be able to view your DVDs for as long as you like with no due dates whatsoever. When you are finished, simply put it into the prepaid envelope that came with it and put it in the next day’s mail. As soon as the DVD rental company receives the DVD(s) back, they’ll ship you out the next one on your list. Most have a tracking system that you can login to online to see the status of your account.

One perk you’ll find as a subscriber is the ability to buy the porn DVDs at a substantial discount without having to return them. This can be very helpful if you’ve come across one that you feel needs to be added to your permanent collection. Simply login to your account and choose the buy option. They’ll then send the next adult video in your queue.

Some important notes about these services. Most are very discreet and will bill you under a non-adult name. They will also package the DVDs in an envelope that will be discreet. Local obscenity laws have banned the mailing of adult DVDs in some states and localities. The porn companies are aware of this and will not ship to those areas. Currently Alabama and Tennessee are the only two states that have outlawed this completely. If you are from one of those states, we urge you to contact your local representatives and ask them to no longer infringe on your constitutional rights. This is the United States, not China.

If after all this you feel you are ready to become a member of an adult DVD rental service, we recommend you take a careful look at our reviews so you can make an educated decision.